About the JCHC

The JCHC was created from the need to bring a congregation to the
Jewish population of the Hill Country.

The purpose of the Jewish Community of the Hill Country is to help provide an enriching Jewish community experience for the membership by offering and supporting the various religious and secular activities that are in harmony with the theology, philosophy, principles, and traditions of Judaism.

We, as a community offer:
• High Holy Days services
• Potluck Shabbat normally held on the second or third Friday of each month
• Passover Seder and other holiday and life-cycle observances throughout the year.
Thanks to the generosity of our members, we have a Torah scroll. It was discovered that some Torah scrolls, rescued from Nazi destruction, were being restored in England and offered to congregations on permanent loan. The JCHC acquired one of the 1,500 scrolls available, securing scroll number 1,498. With careful inspection, congregants believe the scroll to be of Czech origin.

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